HR Roundtable

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SIloam Springs Chamber of Commerce, Board Room
SIloam Springs, Arkansas
2019/1/31 (11:30 - 13:00)
101 N. Mount Olive

First Friday Coffee - Centennial Bank

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Centennial Bank
Siloam Springs, Arkansas
2019/2/1 (07:30 - 08:00)

89th Annual Banquet

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Cherokee Hotel & Casino West Siloam Springs
West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma
2019/2/7 (18:00 - 20:00)
U.S. 412 2416

The Showcase

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The Brick Ballroom
Siloam Springs, Arkansas
2019/3/9 (17:30 - 20:30)
South Broadway Street 119 B
The Chamber of Commerce began in the 1930's and has promoted the businesses of Siloam Springs ever since. With over 475 members, we work to promote the economy by supporting businesses both large and small. We have great resources and connections for businesses, entrepreneurs, residents and visitors.

The Chamber advocates for business in state and national legislation, promotes tourism, hosts educational programs, recruits new business to town, helps current business with expansions and projects, and holds more than 45 events per year; including monthly First Friday Coffees and Thrive events and annual banquets and a golf tournament.